04 April 2011

Shopping Ban Day 27

Easter Sunday is now less than three weeks away and I don't have long left on my Lenten shopping ban. I haven't bought any clothes or even any jewellery during this time. I haven't bought a winter coat, sadly, which was one of my exceptions and nor have I bought any clothes/accessories for the wedding I am in. However, I did get some new clothes today; four whole items, in fact, all from J. Crew: a navy dress, some surprisingly teal-coloured shorts (they look much bluer in the photo), a stripy top and a denim skirt.

These were, however, all kind gifts from my parents who have just got back from New York and took pity on their shopping banned daughter. Gifts and prizes, according to my pre-established rules, are acceptable. I still feel a bit guilty as while this follows the letter of the rules, it doesn't exactly follow the spirit. Then again, the main reason for the ban is make me think more carefully before buying things and to make sure I really like them and/or need them, rather than just buying them because they're pretty. Of the three new items, I love three; the skirt is a little more pencil-fit than I was expecting so it may take a little getting used to but I'm sure I'll still wear it often (check back with me next Lent).

In the meantime, here are a few things I am coveting, to be considered after Easter:

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