10 April 2011

In the Pink

How nice to have a warm, sunny weekend in London, especially when it's only April. Even the giraffes at London Zoo seemed happy when I ran past yesterday morning. Regent's Park, meanwhile, is adorned with gorgeous tulips and plenty of pink blossom. Fortunately, Anthropologie had my pink bag and I was able to buy it -- Lent is saved, I guess, although I would still preferred not to have used my sole get-out-of-Lent-free card.

Continuing the pink theme, it was then time to choose which accessories I would wear with my purple bridesmaid's dress to PhDE's wedding, which is on Friday. The options are either purple earrings, pearl necklace and bracelet, and (in the evening) new pink bag or turquoise earrings and wristlet and light blue necklace. Turquoise is more me; pearls and pink are probably more elegant... On verra...

I spent a lot of time outside yesterday and today but it's still taking some time to adjust to the weather. I was wearing shorts for most of yesterday but then when I went down to meet The Bro and his friends on the South Bank at six-thirty, I decided to change into a slightly longer skirt first. It didn't occur to me to bring a scarf or a jacket to wear over my thin cardigan.

As soon as I got outside, I realised it was going to be cool in the shade and when the sun set but I didn't have time to change. If I were using a bigger bag than my new wristlet, I would have had a scarf and/or fingerless gloves; maybe minimalism ain't all it's cracked up to me. Our moves between the Riverfront restaurant at the BFI (good burger; waitress was happy to give me a members' discount although I didn't have my BFI card with me), Le Pain Quotidien (for coffee and pudding) and a pub round the back of Waterloo station had to be rather rapid.

Note to self: it is only April. I'm just hoping this preview of summer holds out until the end of Friday, at least.

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