28 February 2011

Taking Liberties with Stationery

I've been awaiting with anticipation the opening of Liberty's new Hall of Pretty Stationery (HoPS) for several weeks now. I love the Liberty print notebooks (although I still prefer to write on a Moleskine), stylish leather-covered photo albums and creative greetings cards but previously, these items were scattered throughout the store (with the posh handbags, overpriced homewares and pricey chocolates, respectively). Until now.

The HoPS was open today when I was passing through, however, and it was filled with an array of lovely items. They have a range of Moleskines and Pantone notebooks (including some Pantone sketchbooks with paper in a colour that contrasts with the colour of the cover), more expensive leather-bound journals and photo albums, cards, wrapping paper and various quirky, stationery- or office-related gifts. Oh and not to mention all the Apple compatible Liberty print products (iPhone sleeves, iPad cases, etc.). I particularly liked this witty notebook (also in the series: "teachers I met and liked" and "Londoners I met and liked").

For once, I resisted the temptation to buy myself yet another notebook and although I was very taken with a display of beautiful paperweights, I have no need for a paperweight and so managed to escape without handing over the contents of my wallet. I do also appreciate Liberty's decision to separate the classy greetings cards from the yummy but expensive chocolates; this will definitely help to restrict my ill-considered impulse buys.

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