28 December 2010

Blue Christmas

There weren't many presents waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year, partly because my parents had already taken some of them to Cannes (and also because we didn't have a Christmas tree in Oxford) but I didn't really mind. There was, however, one waiting for me under the Mulberry tree, ready for selection in Selfridges today. One of the Mulberry bags on my list (not really a wishlist, so much as a "if I happened to have a few hundred pounds spare then maybe..." list) went into the sale with a good discount and so was of course sold out, probably within seconds of Selfridges' opening time yesterday, if this video is anything to go by.

There was, however, another little bag that had piqued my interest for a while. It wasn't in the sale but it was blue, blue, electric blue, which goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. So, enter Lily, my fourth Mulberry and the first one that isn't in a neutral shade. No, unlike with Mitzy, I can't claim that her cost-per-wear will be minute, because Lily is definitely an evening bag but as Hadley Freeman explained, a gorgeous evening bag that "will give you a small flutter of delight every night that you take it out, no matter how bad the rest of your night [...] is pretty much the most sensible purchase a lady can make."

Also, Lily's chain-and-leather strap allows her to be worn either as a shoulder bag or messenger style, so she's really two bags in one. Maybe not but I'm very happy with my new addition, in any case. Typically, it was raining today and I didn't want to take her for a jaunt when she hadn't been Coloniled so she'll have to wait patiently in my living room, not making Mitzy too jealous, until the weather decides to behave.

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