27 October 2010

"These Go to 12"

I'm often amused by Nespresso's efforts to sell me new flavours of coffee that don't really taste very different from the ones I already drink. They certainly don't taste "stronger" or make me feel any more caffeinated than usual. The special editions are usually pretty colours though and as my pod bowl usually contains purple (Arpeggio) and teal green (Fortissio Lungo), I decided to buy some of the new special edition, Kazaar, which is a dark, indigo blue so now my pods match the three main colours in my wardrobe.

To humour them, however, after making sure it wasn't decaf, I read Kazaar's description:
Two Robustas and a separately roasted Arabica from South and Central America, make Kazaar our strongest coffee ever.
Nespresso coffee pods are rated for strength on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "practically tea" and 10 being "whoa! I'm a little jittery!" (well, this is the effect they have on a hardened coffee addict like me). Kazaar, meanwhile, is rated 12 out of 10. So, my question for Nespresso (apologies to M. DiBergi) is, "Why don't you just make ten stronger and make ten be the top number and make that a little stronger?"

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