08 September 2010

Coals, Newcastle, Etc

Today saw the start of the Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes (AKA Cannes pleasure boat-fest). You might well suggest that every day in Cannes is a festival celebrating oversized, overpriced pleasure boats and you would be right. The harbour wasn't any fuller today than usual either, although various long jetties had been set up on which were a series of tents in which you could go if you were in the market for a new multi-million-pound toy.

Outside the Palais des Festivals stood a Gucci branded boat. It was tiny compared to most of the other boats on offer but no doubt the Gucci logos pushed the price from "silly" to "bloody insane." I had been tempted to pop in to the festival (donning my Mulberry bag and my best shorts) to see whether I could convince any of the sellers to let me take their wares for a test drive but it cost 15 euros even to get in so I decided instead to admire from afar...

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