01 February 2010

Hilary in Oxford

I had intended to take some photos of Christchurch Meadow in the frosty, morning sunshine on my run yesterday--the footpath around the meadow, along the brook and up the river looks particularly pretty first thing when the frost hasn't yet melted. Yesterday, though, it was far too cold for me to want to take off my gloves and take some photos, mid-run. Although I can just about operate the touchscreen of my iPhone while wearing gloves, as long as I press down really hard, it's a bit of a pain and I haven't the time to make a pair of these (or the money for these).

I did take a couple of photos on an afternoon walk around the meadow with selected family members on Saturday afternoon, however. I was a little out-competed on the camera front as there were three phat DSLRs in attendance, as well as my brother's proto-EVIL camera. So far, I have resisted the lure of a premium camera because although I take a lot of photos, portability is (as with my laptop) of the essence and owning a big camera would just discourage me from bringing it with me when out and about.

With a phat paparazzi lens, I doubt I would be able to get away with as many sneaky photos of Clive actors and directors at the BFI Q&As I often attend...

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