8 May 2009

Where in the World Is Bex?

OK, so I didn't completely mask the Eiffel Tower with my leap but I don't think it was a bad effort given the hoards of tourists in the immediate vicinity who were enjoying the sunshine, joining a two-hour queue to mount the Tower and celebrating "Victory Day," as today's French bank holiday is known. This means there are huge tricolores all over town celebrating France's great war effort. Even though it was a bank holiday, after lunch today, the chichi little neighbourhood in which I'm staying slowly came to life with some of the shops even opening for business. Times, obviously, are a-changin' here. The French bizarrely sometimes have bank holidays on Saturdays or Sundays, which seems like a complete waste to me.

Now that we're back in the flat, we're enjoying some evening sunshine and swapping music. Monsieur Exquisite has invited his closest 50 or so friends around after dinner so I'm sure I will have a lovely time with the nouveau, Parisian glitterati... It's a good thing I'm not craving peace and quiet.

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