18 May 2009

Metadata Anxiety

After spending all of Friday night and Saturday in Nowheresville--without my laptop--I was seriously in need of some procrastination time yesterday (sleep too but procrastination is easier to achieve). As I had more un-listened-to podcasts than opportunities to go running, I had to listen to a few while chez moi but because I could not possibly just listen to a podcast without doing anything else, it was clearly time to work on some metadata in the background.

However, my iTunes library was, for once, in fairly good shape (partly because I've only added about 30 tracks to it over the past six months or so) and until iTunes allows me to tag my tracks so that I can create themed playlists without having to scan my entire library, it was time to turn my attention to my photos. I have about 12 GB of photos on my laptop and although Picasa now has a number of tagging and geotagging features, even I couldn't face tagging that many photos from scratch. My Flickr account, on the other hand, has only 400 photos, many of which were partially tagged and some of which were geotagged. Yes, this is fun really.

I'm not certain that tagging my photos in Flickr is particularly useful for me given that I don't tend to upload photos on an ad hoc basis; rather, I will upload a set of photos from a particular event (such as taking my fake MA) or, more rarely, in a particular theme (such as my Giant Leaps). None of these sets is particularly large and therefore I don't really need to add the tags to find the photos I want. Still, over time, a larger and larger percentage of my photos will be on Flickr (I only started a couple of years ago as a means of sharing photos easily with friends and family rather than as a means of archiving and tagging my photos; I only upgraded to a Pro account (allowing me to upload a whole lot more photos and have unlimited sets) a year ago), so maybe there will be some use of taking care of the metaphorical metadata pennies so that the metaphorical metadata pounds take care of themselves.

Either way, my Flickr uploads and updates did at least prevent me from twiddling my fingers or--worse--cleaning my flat or partaking in other chores. Now I just need to wait for iTunes to fall in line...

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