2 April 2009

Resisting Everything--Even Temptation

Ah, the good old Daily Candy "what to do in London this weekend" post. So frothy and girlie and frivolous. Who wouldn't want to spend their weekend going to a funky art exhibition in Victoria, some photography in Notting Hill (with the name More than Miscellany!), a north London vintage clothing festival and then staying in with nearest and dearest to whip up ultra-speedy cocktails in the evening?

Oh, and the Chocolate Festival on the Southbank. Yes, chocolate festival. What kind of idiots would organise a chocolate festival eight days before the end of Lent--a time when more people give up chocolate than any other? Idiotic idiots, that's who. The blurb sez:

This delicious free event is a must for all chocolate lovers out there. A celebration of everything chocolate, the festival features master chocolatiers, chocolate making workshops and demonstrations, savoury foods with chocolate, book signings, art and of course chocolate cakes!

Maybe it's just because I'm pretty hungry at the moment but just reading the spiel makes my mouth water in anticipation of the free chocolatey chocolateness. One of the workshops they are running is called, Raw Chocolate Making: "Make raw chocolate truffles and learn about the health benefits, quality and the ethical sourcing of unprocessed raw cacao. With CHOC Chick." Screw the ethics and health benefits; I want to make raw chocolate truffles.

I am thinking of going up to Upper Street in Islington next Saturday to pay a visit to Paul A. Young, chocolatier and god, so that I can be sure that when my Lenten-ness ends on Sunday week, I will have some quality chocolate on which to gorge (it would be a shame to give it all up with a Mars Bar). But there are so many yummy-looking treats from which to choose: brownies, a sea-salted caramel-filled egg (I adore sea-salted caramel chocolates; they tantalise my tastebuds in the same way the contrasts of pancakes-with-bacon-and-maple-syrup do), or just the regular chocolates, which include hazelnut and almond pralines and a Marmite ganache (which will either be hideous or delicious).

In fact, maybe I should head up to Islington this weekend and get the chocs in early; after all, it's hardly a challenge to give up chocolate for 40+ days when you don't have any chocolate to tempt you in your flat...

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