04 March 2009

Rien N'est Sacré

This evening. There I am, watching the latest episode of Mad Men. Or trying to. 10 minutes in, I am interrupted by a phone call from grandmaman (to be fair, I was expecting it as we got cut off half way through last night). One hour later, I hit play on my laptop. The washing machine, which has been bleeping at me throughout my phone call, starts bleeping again. I get up and hang out the washing.

I resume my place on the sofa, turn up the volume on my speaker and hit play again. But oh--what's this? I think it looks an awful lot of like Colin Hanks playing your friendly, neighbourhood priest. Oh noes. I think my Colin Hanks phobia stems from my Tom Hanks phobia (there must be something in the genes), which has existed since I saw Apollo 13, although his presence has also irritated me when he played Smug McBanker in Bonfire of the Vanities (fortunately, that film didn't have much else going for it) and, most of all, in Big. Hanks Minor first showed up on my radar when he waltzed into The O.C. playing an incredibly annoying actor playing a character just like The O.C.'s protagonist in the soap-within-a-soap known as The Valley (yes, The O.C. did love its meta). I didn't know he was Colin Hanks or that he was Hanks Major's son at first and yet still, something about him was really, really annoying. Possibly his voice.

Anyway, now he's invading Mad Men for three episodes, it seems. No peace for the wicked. They should have Clive Owen as a special guest star instead--he and Don would either cancel each other out or would just be too awesome to watch. Perhaps it's best that Clive steers clear. I'm totally digging Don's Sunday smart-casual attire, though, so I can't complain too much.

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