21 March 2009

Movie Backlog Too

I'd planned everything so carefully. In February, when I got the BFI programme for March, I made a list of the films I wanted to see and the days and times they were on and worked out the best combination that would allow me to see all of the films I wanted to watch (many films at the BFI are only shown two or three times during the whole "season" which makes this trickier than sorting out a film schedule at the local multiplex, especially when you live in London and most mainstream films are shown approximately 2800 times during the first two weeks of their release (there are about 100 cinemas in London; say that an average release gets shown an average of about two times per day for 14 days at each cinema), which leaves plenty of room for flexibility. 

I also keep a list of upcoming mainstream new releases, though, many of which I've been anticipating for a long time and so would like to see them the first week they come out. Duplicity is one such film--not because I'm expecting it to be something I would award 10/10 on IMDb but because Clive is starring in it and because I saw it being filmed last year.

For ages, IMDb listed its UK release date as March 27 and although I'd been hearing some promos for the film (mainly from Julia Roberts; Clive's obviously still busy explaining to everyone about how the financial crisis came about (he played an Interpol agent trying to take down a load of Eavil Bankers in The International, so naturally he's an expert witness)), I still expected the film to be released next week.

However, it's out now and I've already been to the cinema once this weekend, with another visit planned for tomorrow; thrice in one weekend is probably a little excessive, though if money and time were no objects, I wouldn't see any problems with such an idea. So, Clive will have to wait until next week. And if they don't include the scenes we saw them shooting in Grand Central in the movie, I will be really, really cross (although, continuing The International's theme of shit dialogue, I did at least laugh at one of the promo clips for Duplicity where Clive explains that remembering people he's slept with is "a particular strength of [his]" -- sorry, Clive, but cringe).

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