16 February 2009

IMDb Comes Over All Grauniad


In a story contained in WENN's 2nd feed on 16 February 09, headlined "Hartnett Wins Best Newcomer For West End Debut", we referred to Frankie Valli as "the late singer". We wish to make it clear that Frankie Valli has not passed away, and should not therefore have been referred to by WENN as "the late singer". We would also like to apologise to Frankie Valli for any embarrassment or offence this article may have caused. Please amend this information in your database and on your websites. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We also wish to make it clear that Frankie Valli is extremely punctual and not in the least bit tardy in his time-keeping. No, they didn't really add that. I do love the way that, "we apologise for any inconvenience caused" has become such a generic apology for everything from, "we're closing the post office 15 minutes early" to "I'm sorry I euthanised--I mean, euphemised--your death while you were still alive." Someecards is probably on the case already (this one, perhaps, or this one?), although there are plenty of other perfectly ironic apology and sympathy cards (like this, this and this).

The Grauniad, meanwhile, are just lucky I didn't read the original article that prompted this correction last week--

We suggested in a report that Mulberry had produced a cheaper version of its Bayswater bag to beat the credit crunch. In fact the cheaper bag was designed for a charity project (Big spenders become bargain hunters as austerity beckons, 31 January, page 36).

--because if I had thought that Mulberry were reissuing their "bargain" £95 version of their Bayswater bag when they aren't, I would have been very cross. Incidentally, Mulberry seem to have fallen into the "C'est Quoi le Credit Crunch?" category of retailers because they added £50 to the price tag of most of their bags after the Christmas sales--they even stopped giving customers the VAT discount after Christmas, presumably because they are claiming that they have taken the discount into account when whacking the extra £50 onto the cost of their bags.

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