21 December 2008

London Lights on the Shortest Sunday

Today was extremely productive, as I managed to do breakfast in Clerkenwell with un ami, finish my Christmas shopping and help l'ami with his, visit the Tate and walk all the way back home, along the river and then up through St James's, Mayfair and the quartier. I also got to test out the new camera a little and, in particular, its night mode, which was rather lacking on my last camera.

There were so many people along Bankside today (not to mention Mayfair) that it was pretty damn hard even finding some flat space to park my camera for a few minutes. My self-restraint was also on top form as I managed to resist a wide range of tasty offerings in the little shacks alongside the river, from pancakes to hot chocolate to churros.

This past month, I have really regained my love of London--sure, it's not exactly New York but it's not such a crappy place to live either--even when the number of shoppers and tourists bring out my most murderous tendencies.

And, my--either I need to learn some more HTML or Blogger really needs some better image insertion functionality as I have just spent 15 minutes chasing the images around the editing window of this post, trying to get them all lined up and appropriately ordered.

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