07 October 2008

No Gossip This Week

Having finally worked out which channel on the TV corresponded to the CW, I thought I might finally be able to watch Gossip Girl a) on a screen bigger than my micro-laptop and b) not in nine-minute, slow-to-download installements on YouTube. Error! There is no new episode this week so they're reshowing the first episode of the season instead. Grrr. Still, I should be able to get my dose of Gossip next week. The TV is going off now, though. I really can't cope with the interspersals of medical propaganda ("Hey, ignorant patient! Get some of our drugs now! They're so much better than other drugs--real doctors recommend them and science sez they are amazing!") every four and a half minutes or so. I'm going to be so ADHD by the end of the month...

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