08 June 2008

Smugly Rational

Dan Ariely posted a great little "Cosmo-like" quiz on his blog, Predictably Irrational, on Friday, allowing readers to test their (ir)rationality. I have tried to be less smug than usual about my rationality, of late, as I realised that I am not rational about everything - far from it, in fact - and the very fact that I am not always rational presumably makes me irrational. Anyway, I took the quiz and tried my best to answer honestly and, going through, some of my answers convinced me I was going to end up with an analysis like, "You are too irrational to function; good luck." However, the real analysis I got was:

You are a very calculated rational person, and you should become an economist (if you are not one already).

All of that popular economics/neuroeconomics is clearly paying off. Or maybe everyone who takes the quiz gets this result. Or, maybe I was correct to smugly rational, after all.

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