25 May 2008

Songs to Save for a Rainy Day

Nowheresville was bathed in precipitation for much of the day. Helpfully, I had no food in the house and so having waited in vain for the rain to stop, I gave up and donned my sexy mac (with a small m) and hit the gym and then Clowns, where I met ViV, who is actually really nice and so I feel bad for my earlier bitchy, uninformed remarks about her. Also, she's a big coffee drinker so finally we have a majority against the drinkers of wussy tea.

Whenever it rains, I can never get the Jayhawks song, Save it for a Rainy Day, out of my head. This was used in the only ever episode of The O.C. where it rained and this was such a big occasion that all of the episode's music was rain-themed (as was the title: The Rainy Day Women). In a vain effort to get it out of my head, I decided to play some other rain-themed songs. I had about 40 in my iTunes (of course, there may be more because my music isn't currently tagged for subject areas, so I could only search by title and anecdotally from my memory). Is it the sign of a pessimist realist when she has more songs about the rain on her computer than about the sun? I guess it depends how much you like the rain and the sun...

City in the Rain - Travis [N.B. I seriously dislike Travis's other, more famous song about the rain and certainly wouldn't include it in any playlist of mine; this one is more fitting.]
California Raining - Madeleine Peyroux [From the album, Oxymorons.]
Champagne Supernova - Oasis [I could equally have included the Matt Pond PA cover of this song, which was featured in The O.C.]
Save it for a Rainy Day - The Jayhawks
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits [A little more tenuous]
Rainin' in Paradise - Neil Young [Typing "paradise" into Google Maps doesn't exactly centre on Nowheresville but never mind; j'aime bien cette chanson.]
Cold Rain - Crosby, Stills and Nash
Time - Pink Floyd
Fragile - Sting [I'm not a huge Sting fan but "tears from a star" is a pretty image.]
Fire and Rain - James Taylor

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