18 May 2008

Movie Night

It was high time for another clear-out of Fopp, especially given that none of the cinemas appeared to have anything much to offer this week. I had been meaning to watch Sex, Lies and Videotape for quite some time so I watched that first. Andie MacDowell is the quiet, sexually repressed Ann, who fills her spare time by developing paranoias about garbage or young children or that her husband is having an affair. She is married to Sandy Cohen, though, even if he is speaking with a Baton Rouge rather than a Brooklyn accent, so he couldn't possibly be cheating. Except he is. With her "extrovert" / "loud" younger sister, Cynthia. Ouch. It just didn't feel right to see Sandy inviting Cynthia over to the house while Ann was out and then lie waiting in bed with a hanging basket over his crotch. Think of Kirsten, Seth and Ryan, Sandy! Come on!

Enter Sandy's high school buddy, Graham, whom he hasn't seen in nine years. Graham has a dire mullet (a quick reminder that this film was made in 1989) and because Ann has really bad hair too (nasty, tight perm), the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable. Oh, except Graham has a rather odd fetish, in that he can only get off while watching video interviews he has made with women he has known. Obviously, this sends poor, dear Ann into panic attack mode but eventually she is curious and also she can't resist Graham's mullet, so beginning her sexual awakening.

Maybe this film was more shocking in 1989 or maybe I'm just too blasé; the dialogue was good and I liked the idea but the point is what? Don't stay married to this cheating lawyer when you could go off and make a million babies and have a million orgasms with this mullet-haired perv? Follow your heart? It's good to talk? Don't sleep with your wife's sister? I think I'll have to "mullet" over for a while...

Film two was Raiders of the Lost Ark but my ophidiophobia meant that I had snake-filled nightmares last night so I am reserving judgement for now, although, jeez, that film is older than me and Harrison was looking pretty, er, rugged even then.

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