18 May 2008

All Good Shows...

Flippin' 'eck, we seem to be entering the final strait in all three of the TV programmes I have deigned to watch this season with GG and MM finishing next week and The Tudors finishing the week after. As with most penultimate episodes, both GG and MM have big set-ups for next week's season finale.

After spending the majority of the season reminding viewers that B really stood for bitch and S for saint, finally S's character in GG gets a little three-dimensional with the return of Georgina - AKA (on certain fan sites, anyway) Darth G, which irritates me only because one of the key characters in the never-ending story known as my latest "novel" is also called Georgina and also gets called Darth G by some of the other characters - who used to be S's best bud until they partied a bit too hard one night (the same night S slept with N who was then dating B) and ended up....killing someone! Except not. Some drug addict took coke while he was with S and G and died, and now G is trying to blackmail S with this information because S really doesn't want her dear boyfriend D to find out about her wild past. Luckily, B, C and N, who haven't been talking for about half the season, all band together to help save S from the wrath of G, although they may well be too late because it seems that G and D have already done the deed (S lied and told D she had cheated on him, rather than admitting that she killed someone, so he broke up with her). In other news, S's mom is marrying C's dad (although she really wants to be with D's dad), C and B are probably going to get back together if he doesn't screw things up and leave her in the lurch when they are supposed to be going to Florence together...oh, and what will happen when opposites attract and V and N get together? Surely B won't like that one.

God! Why does trying to recap an episode of GG feel like a test of the human linguistic capacity for infinite recursion? I guess Blur were way ahead of their time with the whole, "girls who are boys / who like boys to be girls / who do boys like they're girls / who do girls like they're boys / always should be someone you really love." Perhaps they should re-release their single as "Gossip Girls and Boys."

Double D, meanwhile, is having a bit of a meltdown in MM (maybe I am imagining it but even his voice sounded different in this latest episode) and so we're treated to yet more flashbacks from Korea. w00t. In other news, on election night, everyone - except DD (who is with Perfect Blonde Wife, for once), Peggy (who might be winning awards for her copywriting but sure isn't winning any popularity contests) and Pete (who is OMG-so-alone and hatching some more grubby little plots against DD) - sleeps with everyone else, and Don tells The Client that he wants to go to LA with her but she sagely points out that he actually just wants to run away, rather than running away with her. Insults are exchanged and tears are shed. Pete acts like an increasingly large tool and there are still plenty of loose ends to be tied up next week, including whether Don's birds will actually agree to a simple rotation schedule involving The Client on Mondays and Wednesdays, Independent Illustrator Lady on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Roger the Dodger on Fridays. Poor old Don; it's a tough life.

There will be fewer surprises in the last few episodes of The Tudors. Henry's already taken a fancy to some quiet, blonde chick called Jane, who is the antithesis of Anne, so it can only be a matter of time before Anne is made one head shorter (that's the problem with historical drama - they can't really leave you on a cliffhanger very successfully). My guess is that she gets the chop in the last episode of the season - that way, they don't need to bring back the actors playing Anne, her daddy, her brother, her sister or Mark Smeaton, the lute player whom everyone thought Anne was doing, even though The Tudors play him to be gay as can be.

Jane Seymour's reign is likely to be pretty dull, not least because she had the good grace to a) provide Henners with a son and b) to die before he had the chance to grow bored of her or develop a crush on someone else. Jane will probably only last a few episodes next season, and then each of the remaining three wives - Anne, nice but ugly (according to Henry), everyone's favourite sexy teenager, Katherine Howard, and pious, old Katherine Parr. It always seems that each time Henry remarries, the next wife is always the opposite of the last. Poor, fickle Henry.

Still, who knows whether this series will even get picked up for another season. Anne Boleyn - love her or hate her - was a pretty interesting character and without her around, will there be enough drama to carry the rest of the show? I guess I'll find out soon.

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