18 December 2007

Warning Sign

I'm ashamed to admit that I do own some Coldplay choons (five, although one doesn't count as it's part of the Garden State soundtrack and the only thing I hate more than music I don't like in my iTunes collection is incomplete compilations or soundtracks, and another doesn't count as in the context of The O.C. (death! prom! emo! Fix you!), I find it quite poignant even though Chris Martin's voice still irritates the hell out of me) but I don't listen to them very often.

My attention was called to one of my five, which is on another soundtrack, when I accidentally opened a Christmas present last night, which happened to be the film that featured said song: The Last Kiss, the tale of an angsty, 30-something Zach Braff who is oh-so-whiny because his perfect life didn't surprise him any more (wot? No meaning?! Shurely some mistake!) so goes off and has a "last fling" with Summer - I mean Kim - played by Rachel Bilson from The O.C. Obviously, this leads to big-time existential crises and overblown dialogue, e.g.

Summer: Having a crisis, are we?
Zach Braff: Do I look like I'm having a crisis?
Summer: Everyone I know is having a crisis. I know you're not supposed to get them until midlife but I think something's happening to our metabolism.
Zach: Our metabolism?
Summer: [nods] Yeah, I mean the world is moving so fast now, we are all chasing something so fast that we start freaking out long before our parents did. Feel my heart.
[puts his hand in her chest]
Summer: Feel how fast it is?
Zach:...that's a fast heart.
Summer: ‘Cause we don't ever stop to breathe anymore...
[takes his hand off her chest]
Summer: You gotta remember to breathe or you'll die.

Wise words, indeed, Sum. Marissa would be proud. Obviously, it all works out for the best. I much preferred the Italian original, L'Ultimo Bacio, which was less glam but more realistic. It was also edgier as the Summer-character (Francesca, here) was barely legal (although I was mainly interested in the gorgeous Florentine actress's gorgia toscana; aspirate those intervocalic stops, sweetheart!). I saw the original at the Arts Picturehouse on a rainy day back in the second year with Monsieur Exquisite, which led us to discuss our own Massively Important Exsistential Crises. Those were the days. Even Amazon struggles to come up with the Italian film... Sigh.

However, the one way in which the O.C./Garden State-isation trumped the original was in the soundtrack; Carmen Consoli's beautiful song L'Ultimo Bacio was pretty good but the remake has (as well as the aforementioned Coldplay:

- Ray LaMontagne (Hold You in My Arms)
- Rachel Yamagata (Reason Why)
- Remy Zero (Prophecy) - great music for the sex scene
- Aimee Mann (Today's the Day)

and more! Still, no need to give Chris "Oh gosh, life's so crappy; I have an incredibly successful career and I'm married to Gwyneth Paltrow; let me write lots of moany music about how awful it all is" Martin any more airplay than necessary.

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