14 December 2007

Road from Nowhere(sville)

Tomorrow (today, by now), I am escaping Nowheresville for the weekend in favour of the 'Ford for assorted family fun (oh yes) and hopefully to meet up with Oxford Mathmo (now Oxon Copper). Because a) I like to sing, b) I have a terrible singing voice, c) Doktor Landlord would kick me out or at least viciously mock me if I sang in the house, the only place in which I can sing in safety is my car. However, as I live in the centre of Nowheresville, I have no need to drive (except to Tesco and I'm far too disorganised to bother with that) and thus don't get to sing.

That's where the trip back home comes in. I am creating my perfect playlist, which needs to be about 1h40 (assuming no hold-ups):

1. Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti. This has to be numero uno on the list. iTunes thinks it's my second top-played song of all time (since I acquired my Vaio, circa 2005/6) and besides, it was used in The O.C. at the funeral of some annoying love interest but also when two of the characters were driving out of Orange County so I like to play it when I'm leaving somewhere (which is all the time, I suppose).

2. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah. As above except third top-played song. It has picked up many associations over the years since I discovered it and seems to be another au revoir/leaving song. JB's version is my favourite although Imogen Heap's a cappella version works, surprisingly. Also, I know all the lyrics. w00t.

3. Radiohead - Creep. Because I will probably on the motorway to (and from) Nowheresville at this point and a song with the word fuck will probably make me feel better about the one-horse (pony?) town,

4. One Republic and Timbaland - Apologize. I'm still embarrassed to own this and the key (?) isn't suited to my voice but I haven't sung along to it yet. Gossip Girl rather than O.C. providence.

5. The Cure - Friday, I'm in Love. For the crazy cat noises at the end if nothing else.

6. Grey Eye Glances - The Lost Coast. For its SF and other associations, even though I never went specifically to the lost coast, I've been close enough, metaphorically as well as geographically.

7. The Smiths - How Soon is Now? For the Clive Owen-Natalie Portman scene in Closer if for no other reason (Larry (AKA Clive): "Time; what a tricky little fucker" and "Christ. When I was in flares, you were in nappies.").

8. Patrick Park - Life is a Song. Because it is. Well, if you're the happy-go-lucky optimist type. That's so me:

You say life is a dream where we can't say what we mean
Maybe just some roadside scene that we're driving past
There's no telling where we'll be in a day or in a week
And there's no promises of peace or of happiness

Well is this why you cling to every little thing
And polverize and derrange all your senses
Maybe life is a song but you're scared to sing along
Until the very ending

Oh, it's time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we've been
It's time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds
From the chains and shackles that they're in.

9. Matchbox 20, Stone Roses, Tom McRae, The Killers and a bit of Brucey...

10. Lastly, cruisin' down the M40 into the Shire, time for some dark desert highway music; what else but Hotel California...?

What larks.

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