02 September 2007

Another Movie to See

After all being quiet on the Keanu front since A Scanner Darkly (which I loved) came out a year ago, it seems that he is going to be starring in a remake of "Robert Wise's sci-fi classic" (selon Empire) The Day the Earth Stood Still. I'm not the world's greatest sci-fi fan, (although I do like a bit of Dick) but just occasionally I am perfectly happy to watch a film for aesthetic appeal alone.

I will be waiting patiently until next May. In the meantime, after a stunningly bad year with regards to movies I want to watch, there are two other movies on my must-see list: Two Days in Paris and Death Proof. The former is written by, directed by and starring Julie Delpy whom I first appreciated in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, both of which make it into my all-time top 10. I later found out that she also co-wrote both with Richard Linklater (who also directed A Scanner Darkly). The film involves a French woman and her American boyfriend (not the same couple as in Before Sunrise/set) living in New York, who go to Venice to reignite their fire, only for the passion not to emerge. They then go to Paris to stay with her family and end up discovering rather more about each other than they had intended. It's supposedly very witty and Woody Allen-like, so I'm sure I will enjoy it (not least because it is starring Paris!). And, well, Death Proof I have to see because it's QT and I can't not, despite the controversy surrounding its release.

Also, happy birthday Keanu!

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