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2 August 2007

L'Auberge de Californie

When I picked my car up from the garage, post-MOT today, a certain Eagles classic was playing yet again. These coincidences certainly have a way of racking up. Then again, all of the places I go where music is playing have probably been playing a vast assortment of songs, none of which would have caught my attention as much as Hotel California, which just keeps on cropping up (not that I mind; it's a great song).

That said, do I really listen to the radio or random music that much? I never listen to the radio, I don't generally go to places where the radio serves as background music (and if I do, I'm probably iPlugged-iN) and my main sources of aural pleasure are Radio Paradise (when I'm around) and the current playlist of about 30 songs on my iPod.

I'm not complaining, of course; in fact, I'm always delighted and excited by coincidences.

Incidentally, I am off to a real hotel in California tomorrow, which I've been assured has internet access. I'm amazed how under control everything is. I guess in some aspects of my life I'm a real control freak and in others, I'm so laid back I'm practically supine.

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