30 June 2007

Literary Vandalism

I saw this great cartoon about librarians at the ever-hilarious and apt xkcd (even the subtitle is perfect for me: romance, sarcasm, math, and language). I've never dated a librarian but this does remind me a lot of certain people I know.

Don't expect any leniency on late fees, though.
And me? I'm a book vandal; if I am enjoying a book that much, I don't want to detract from the magic by worrying about whether or not the spine gets cracked or the pages get bent. I think that Monsieur Exquisite is still holding it against me that I accidentally threw his favourite book into a lake in France (to be fair, I was being attacked by a swarm of one-inch diameter mozzies but he didn't quite see it that way). My own books are all very well loved. Gives them character, I think.

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