11 June 2007

Surprisingly Geeky

When The Dude calls me geeky, I know that I must be pretty bad. However, the Wired Alt Text podcast often makes me laugh so much I lose concentration at the gym and fall off the treadmill, much to the amusement of the trainers. The podcast from May 30th - "Fantasy Keyboards and Mice for a Perfect World" - was one such potential cause of injury:

"Here's what I want to see, keyboard and mouse manufacturers:

Caps-Lock-Free Keyboard

Caps Lock is the worst key on the keyboard, and I'm including Scroll Lock in that assessment. At least Scroll Lock stays nicely out of the way. Caps Lock is right there next to A, making passes at your pinky and generally being a nuisance. It only serves two purposes. First, getting hit, so you go into a chat room and type in all caps accidentally. Second, helping the Greatest Generation send out e-mail in all caps on purpose. Forcing people to hold down the Shift key encourages them to keep the yelling to a minimum. I pry the Caps Lock key off all my keyboards, but that's unsightly and wastes space. Let's make the left Shift bigger, or better yet replace it with a more useful key, like Reload MetaFilter Obsessively."

Particular inability to run at the pinky-passes and the "Reload MetaFilter Obsessively" parts. Oh dear; I've obviously got it bad... Vive la geekerie [geekerage?]!

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