20 May 2007

Stealing, Cheating, Killing. Who Said Romance Is Dead?

I finally got around to watching True Romance this evening. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed QT movies, although this was only penned and not directed by Mr Tarantino (apparently in order to make the money to make Reservoir Dogs, which is definitely one of my favourite movies. I had also forgotten how smoulderingly sexy Christian Slater is and how Brad Pitt manages to be so gorgeous, even when playing a stoner with long, greasy hair who is constantly sprawled across the sofa.

CS' boss pays a call-girl ("not a whore. [...] There's a difference, you know?") in the form of Patricia Arquette in order to surprise him on his birthday.

CS + PA have incredibly hot and steamy sex and then realise they are in love (or whatever) and decide to get married. Of course, there are then issues with her pimp (whom CS kills) and the pimp's suitcase full of coke (which they accidentally steal) and so they have to escape to LA in their very subtle purple Cadillac, where they get into all kinds of trouble and have some very kinky sex in a phone box.

It's fairly standard Tarantino, really, including the inevitable Mexican stand-off. Certainly not the most romantic film by any means but I'm not one for soppy rom-coms anyway, so it was certainly gritty enough for my taste and I always enjoy movies that look at the American Dream gone awry. Great characters, (mostly) great acting and a cool score from Hans Zimmer. In all, thumbs up.

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