07 May 2007

Italian For "Bravo!"

I have commented before about the woeful lack of places to get a decent cup of coffee with atmosphere in the centre of Cambridge. Nice as some of the places on and near Mill Road are, they are a bit of a trek for me unless I happen to be in that neck of the woods anyway.

However, I have recently rediscovered Clowns on King Street (see above), which is pretty central (but not too central and therefore not overrun with the seemingly infinite numbers of tourists), which I used to frequent while revising for my second year exams, way back in 2004, but was put off from being too much of a regular by the clouds of smoke that permanently hovered around the (nicer) ground floor.

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago to find that they have now banned smoking in the whole cafe and I can now sip my genuine Italian cappuccino for £1.50 (£1.50!) in pleasant, non-plastic surroundings. Also, I get to practise my Italian and to be called bella by the ever-cheerful staff, who gave me a 30p discount today. I have never tried the food but they do what seem to be very good value bowls of assorted pasta-based main courses too.

Perhaps not one for sufferers of coulrophobia, but otherwise, I have no complaints. Just don't go there right after watching It...

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