26 February 2007

More Lights Out

I have now worked out a more logical reason for why the stupid lamppost on Jesus Green appears to turn itself off just as I walk up to it. I'm guessing that the lamp really is motion-sensitive and not in the really sensible way of turning off as people approach. No, instead it is motion-sensitive in the standard way but only cyclists are heavy/fast enough to activate it, so what happens is that a cyclist will speed past, turning on the light and then by the time I approach the lamppost, the timer runs out, leaving me in darkness. I guess this makes more sense but it's still bloody annoying for those of us who choose to arrive at our destinations in a non-sweaty state and who don't generally walk around with lamps attached to ourselves.

Actually, I am relenting. As the weather continues to get nicer and the days get longer, I may consider reacquiring my bike from the college bike shed (it has been there, unlocked, since June - I guess that just tells you how crap it is!) The only thing is that then I will become One of Those Annoying Cyclists and won't be able to moan without feeling like a hypocrite. Probably.

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